Price : $5.00 Polk Brenda Davenport
06-12-19 84 Hits

30 ducklings

I also have too many drakes, especial white ones - $20 each
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Goat buckling—dairy

very nice three month old 3/4 Saanen, 1/4 Nubian from registered stock. Would make very nice herd sire, fence line cleaner, or could go into the freezer for those who like goat meat.  The photo was taken at five weeks. He is much larger now. Gentle. $75.… McDuffie

Ram Lambs and Ewe Lambs

We have several lambs for sale.  They were born between Feb and March.  They are commercial Katahdin (purebred, but un-papered).  We are selling most of these as slaughter lambs, but there are a few that might be good prospects if you are interested in… Columbia


Does and bucks - 5 months to 1 year old, also one 5 year old buck, many colors, friendly, CD&T vaccine and wormed. Hephzibah, GA Richmond


Buff orpington hens. Young. $15 EACH Warren

tricolored moon spotted female doe goat

Location: Newnan GA ( May deliver to other areas ) Available - beautiful tricolored moon spotted female / doe Nubian x Kiko cross with a little Boer . She is about half grown. tricolored red / white / gray. Has adorable floppy ears! $300 Coweta

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